In-house legals

In-house legals

Our legal progress tracker and asset adoption service


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Our legal progress tracker
Track the legal status of your utility projects quickly and easily with our legal progress tracker, Milestone.

While other legal process services can be slow, restrictive and often inaccessible or incomplete, Milestone offers a completely unique experience:

It’s the first online direct access portal of its kind in the ICP and UIP industry. The innovative service uses cutting-edge technology and is pioneering excellence in project administration and customer expectation management.

Get real-time reports on demand. Milestone gives you instant access 24/7, making it ideal for time-sensitive projects.

This innovative interface and real-time reporting will greatly enhance communication between you, our Legal department, ICPs and UIPs.

We use Milestone to complete projects faster than ever. The majority of our legal work is completed within a KPI of 12 weeks, and legal completion time on substations and expedited easements are running at an average of five and three weeks, respectively.

Milestone displays complex information in a user-friendly, simple and intuitive way. Help and support is available should you need it, but the service has been carefully designed to deliver a ‘plug and play’ experience.

We ensure the safety and security of your data every step of the way with encryption to provide complete peace of mind. Milestone is offered by industry experts and a dedicated Land Rights department who have a proven track record of delivering results.

Why use Milestone

Industry-first innovation

Get real-time updates instantly, 24/7

Simple to use

Delivered by industry experts

Data security guaranteed

Puts you in control

Asset adoption service

Our in-house legal team will streamline the utility network asset adoption process to avoid downtime, reduce costs and speed up project timelines whenever possible.

We provide a single point of contact for legal requirements relating to land rights with our asset adoption service:

  • in-house legal and utility networks teams
  • timely identification of legal issues
  • speedy and accurate communication
  • assistance with permissions
  • control of timescales and deadlines
  • project management assistance
  • co-ordination of energy supplier requirements
  • making EV charging land rights easy for you.

All this leads to reduced downtime, costs and expedited delivery to meet the promised asset value.

We won’t charge any legal fees, with the exception of any third party landowner costs which will be notified as soon as the title has been investigated and approval of the service route has been obtained.

External solicitor’s legal fees can often be expensive. By providing an in-house service we pass those savings onto you.

*If it’s necessary to enter third party land, any third party landowner costs would be paid by you by way of additional charges.


Our Legal department will keep you updated on progress upon request.

To find out more about our Legal Services, you can contact us at:

T: 0333 666 2008

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