Our Networks Services

Our Networks Services

Our networks

We’re an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO), Independent Gas Transporter (IGT) and fibre optic network owner – delivering final mile network adoption, ownership and management services. We also help deliver Net Zero ambitions through:

  • design and adoption of infrastructure installations for heat pumps, electric vehicle charging points and hydrogen-ready pipes
  • the provision of data to integrate with artificial intelligence to manage network load and safeguard power supply.

Our key services include:

  • accredited Independent Gas Transporter and Independent Distribution Network Operator
  • water adoption services (NAV) and fibre network operator asset adoption services.
  • making EV Charging land rights easy

As the drive to Net Zero increases, our electrical experts provide various electrification services, including domestic heating and electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Our flexibility with asset types, including future-focused assets like EV charging infrastructure, means we can provide competitive asset value quotations while still delivering electricity network design, engineering, and commissioning expertise.

Our service includes an in-house legal team to manage the land rights process, which often removes the need to use external lawyers – reducing wait time and legal spend while increasing efficiency.

We also manage 1,000s of ‘final mile’ electricity connection points for residential housing schemes and industrial and commercial developments. Our role is to maintain high quality networks and ensure electricity is safely provided to all users, including using AI to manage network load and safeguard power supply.

We also make EV Charging Land Rights easy.

We own and manage final mile gas networks that supply new residential housing schemes and commercial property developments. As an IGT, we can adopt any network operating at 7 bar and below across the UK distribution network.

Our networks are usually directly connected to the major Gas Distribution Networks, from there we transport gas to each connected building safely and to standard.

Our portfolio comprises 1,000s of domestic connection points as well as a variety of asset types. As an Ofgem-accredited Meter Asset Manager (MAM), we can supply SMETS2 smart gas meters to UIPs as well as own, operate and manage them as assets. This gives UIPs more control over the scheduling of meter connections in the final stages of gas network construction.

As well as providing asset values for networks, our in-house technical designers can establish and implement best practice design and installation protocols for final mile gas networks.

Fibre-to-the-home has become the fourth essential utility. We’ve developed a specialist business – Energy Assets Fibre Networks – to help homeowners get online the day they move in. We work with housebuilders and Independent Connection Providers (ICP) to fibre services pre-installed and ready to use.

Our partnership with Grain Connect provides a 1,000MB fibre broadband solution to homes and premises for commercial and developers. We’ll manage the connection – so no more unnecessary delays.

Our asset ownership model includes:

  • ownership of infrastructure, ducts, fibre, and Point of Presence (“POP”) installation
  • sourcing and acquisition of a suitable fibre backhaul connection
  • design of the fibre network
  • operation and maintenance of the fibre infrastructure on a long-term lease basis
  • management of interface for maintenance.

All our work is underpinned by industry-approved design, with dedicated Business Development Managers to support you every step of the way.

Saving you time and money

Multi-utility, meter-to-main offering 

We’ve got extensive industry knowledge in multiple utilities, giving us a holistic view when it comes to your project.

National coverage

With regional offices and field operatives across Britain, each with local knowledge and relationships, you can expect a responsive and trusted service.

Next-gen systems

We’re always innovating and investing in scalable, future-proofed technology bespoke to our services.

In-house teams

We invest in our staff to ensure they’re equipped with the latest and compliant technical skills with a focus on customer service.

Reliable supply chain

Our unique integrated model means a stronger, more robust supply chain, boosted by our long-standing relationships, giving you more security for your project.

Transparent and competitive quotes

We’ll give you a full itemised breakdown so you can compare fairly, and we ensure no hidden costs.

Introducing Milestone

Track the legal status of your projects in real time with our online direct access portal, Milestone.

Thought to be an industry first, Milestone has already delivered significant benefits for ICPs and UIPs. Legal completion times for substations and easements have sped up at an average of five and three weeks, respectively. One land rights project was completed in just seven days from initial design and legal submission.

A proven track record

Network assets.

Energy Assets was formed in 2005 and we’ve continued to grow, expand and diverge into all energy sectors since our launch.

IDNO connections completed.

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