Priority service register

Priority service register

Getting priority treatment to those who need it

Need some extra help?

Occasionally, electricity supplies are disrupted – when this happens, it’s paramount to us that downtime is limited and all those affected are proactively informed.

We appreciate that more vulnerable customers heavily rely on electricity supply and require priority treatment. We’ve created a Priority Service Register (PSR) to ensure these customers are informed ahead of any planned interruptions.

  • of pensionable age
  • under the age of 5
  • living with a chronic medical condition or who is disabled
  • with other specific needs, such as sight or hearing impairments.

  • We’ll provide information about what to do in the event of a power cut.
  • If we need to interrupt your electricity supply for any reason, we’ll provide advice and information about what to expect.
  • If your gas supply is interrupted, we’ll provide alternative cooking and heating equipment within 4 hours of the interruption. Please note: if more than 250 customers are affected, this may take a bit longer.
  • If the interruption affects 250 or more customers and lasts longer than 48 hours, we’ll provide (after the initial 48 hours) access to a hot meal and hot water (for customers with a medical need) every 24 hours.
  • You can choose your own password so you know our engineers are genuine.
  • You can ask your supplier to send your bill to anyone who’s agreed to receive it (e.g. a family member or carer)

  • calling us on 0333 666 2008
  • writing to us at:
    Energy Assets, Victory House, Business Park, 400 Pavilion Dr, Northampton NN4 7PA
  • contacting your energy supplier, who’ll pass your details on to us.
  • Filling out the form at the bottom of this page

For more information about the Priority Service Register, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Staying safe on your doorstep

Before you let anyone into your home, you need to know they’re who they claim to be.

When one of our engineers arrives at your door, they’ll always show you their identification card. You should check that the photo on the card matches the person on your doorstep.

We’ll do our best to tell you in advance that someone is coming to visit, but that’s not always possible – power cuts and other critical work may lead them to your door unannounced. However, our engineers won’t turn up without their identification card, and will always show it to you. If you want to check if this is a genuine caller, please give us a call on 01506 405 405.

Our engineers won’t be offended if you close the door and call to us to check they’re who they claim to be, and can wait until you’re happy to let them in.

If you arrange an appointment with us through your gas supplier, passwords registered against your PSR information will be shared with us, so our engineers can use them.

You don’t need to be registered on the PSR to provide a password directly with us. If you’d like to feel more secure, we can agree a password with you when we make an appointment for our engineers to visit so you can be confident to let them in.

Power cut?

Electricity fault?

If power is disrupted to your premises and we’re the network operator, please contact us on our emergency number: 0333 800 2016. For more information please click the ‘Electricity Fault?’ button on the left.

If you’re experiencing a power cut, please call the national response number on 105.

Priority Services Register – registering and updating details

If you would like to register your details on our PSR, amend your existing details or remove your details altogether if you are an existing PSR customer, you can do so by:

·       Completing the online form below (all fields marked with a star (*) after them are mandatory).

·       Downloading the form as a document for you to manually complete and post to: 
Regulation Department – Private and Confidential
Energy Assets Networks Ltd
Victory House
400 Pavilion Drive

·       Sending an email to

·       Calling us on 0333 666 2008 and we will capture your details and enter them on to the register for you.

Priority Services Register - registering and updating your details

Who should we contact about the property during a power cut?

Please include names telephone number and/or email addresses

Please disregard numbers in ( ). These are for office use only.

Please disregard numbers in ( ). These are for office use only.

Please disregard numbers in ( ). These are for office use only.

Please disregard numbers in ( ). These are for office use only.

Please disregard numbers in ( ). These are for office use only.

Please disregard numbers in ( ). These are for office use only.

Please disregard numbers in ( ). These are for office use only.

Please disregard numbers in ( ). These are for office use only.

Please disregard numbers in ( ). These are for office use only.

Please let us know if you would like us to use a personal password for when we need to visit you. The password can only contain letters and numbers. No special characters or spaces are allowed, and it is limited to 10 characters in length.

Your personal information will not be used by us or our partners for marketing purposes. You can update your information at any time. If you are completing this form on behalf of someone else, by completing it you confirm that you have the permission of that person to do so. Would you like to receive priority support from your energy supplier (the company you pay your energy bills to) including their meter operators and your gas distribution company? We may also be able to share your information with your water supplier to enable you to receive their priority support, depending on who your supplier is. Please tick ‘Yes’ if you are happy for us to pass your information to your energy and water supplier (if your water company is part of our priority services collaboration) or ‘No’ if you do not wish us to do this.

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