MFG plugs-in Energy Assets Networks for its EV Network Rollout

MFG plugs-in Energy Assets Networks for its EV Network Rollout

MFG, the market-leading independent forecourt operator, appointed us as an infrastructure partner to support the rollout of its nationwide ultra-fast EV charging network.

The company recently announced a £400 million investment that will see 3,000 ultra-rapid 150kW and 350kW EV charge points installed at 500 sites across the UK by 2030. The programme underpins MFG’s dual fuel strategy to enable a transition from fossil fuels to electric vehicles to help decarbonise the economy.

As a fast-growing independent distribution network operator, we will be working alongside MFG to provide both technical expertise to energise hubs and asset values linked to infrastructure adoption. We anticipate partnering with MFG on up to 30 sites during 2021.

Ed Chadwick, Director, EV & Strategic Projects at MFG commented: “We are at the beginning of an incredibly exciting journey for MFG – and for the country – and EA will play an important commercial and technical role as we kick-start the massive upscaling of our EV charging network.”

Currently, ultra-rapid 150kW chargers can provide around 100 miles of range in approximately 10 minutes but as car battery technology develops, MFG will be increasing charging speeds to 350kW. This will result in recharging times comparable to petrol and diesel refuelling.

MFG’s initial focus for its EV charging hubs will be on major trunk roads and urban areas. In London alone, the company’s planned roll-out will triple the current number of open network ultra-rapid 150kW EV chargers. From 2022 onwards, at least 50 additional hubs will be added to the network each year, with a significant number sited on the strategic road network.

Said Jayson Whitaker, Managing Director of Energy Assets Networks, “We are delighted to be providing both technical and commercial support to MFG as they embark on their transition strategy. We know that on-route charging will be vital in avoiding the range anxiety that could otherwise hold back EV adoption, so we very much look forward to playing our part in helping the company deliver its ambitious plans for a lower carbon future.”

Alongside its EV charging network, MFG will also be upgrading its nationwide retail proposition, with a broad grocery convenience offer, strong food-to-go brand partnerships, online delivery lockers and business break areas/facilities. 

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