Our expertise accelerates data centre project

Our expertise accelerates data centre project

The construction of a new data centre is back on track following our rapid adoption of its electricity infrastructure.

An independent connection provider (ICP) approached us when delays to the adoption of HV assets serving a new section of a data centre campus threatened to compromise the site’s development schedule. Wiltshire-based Ark Data Centres builds and operates facilities that power IT systems critical to connectivity across a growing range of services accessed via smartphone, computer, tablet or other electronic devices. They’re central to the way businesses engage with their customers.  

The project was at risk of missing critical deadlines, so the ICP who installed the network contacted us to adopt the assets.

We’re thought to be the only independent distribution network operator (IDNO) with an in-house legal resource and, as a result, were able to conclude multiple land rights agreements within a 12-week period from inception to adoption. At the same time, our technical team completed all the necessary connections certifications and documentation with the distribution network operator and meter operator. 

Lewis Rogers, Head of Construction at Ark Data Centres, commented: “EA worked with us to understand the criticality of the deadline dates, whilst maintaining a focus on the importance of a robust adoption process. This practical approach mitigated against the potential for long delays we were facing with the DNO.

“The EA team mobilised professionally and quickly to help us maintain the programme of works that will ensure the facility is brought online as scheduled.”

Symon Gray, Compliance and Standards Manager at EA, said: “As a business, we possess a positive and flexible mindset when it comes to network adoption. Our investment in in-house legal and technical resources means we are able to complete ownership agreements professionally and in a timely manner, creating optimal value for ICPs and businesses.”

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