Utility Contractors

Utility Contractors

Creating Value

At EAN, we help utility construction professionals and contractors optimise the value of newly designed and installed electricity, gas and fibre networks. We also make it easy to obtain an asset value quotation through our online proposal system.

Whatever the utility, we strive to be the best ‘final mile’ gas, electricity or fibre network partner for our contractor customers.

Trusted Industry Partner

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EAN is an authorised Independent Distribution Network Operator and Independent Gas Transporter. As such, we have the ability to procure new electricity and gas distribution assets through an “Asset Value” payment. The level of contribution is based upon the projected future revenue generated by the network, not the cost of installation.

We maintain high quality electricity and gas networks around Britain and ensure energy supply is safely provided to all our customers.

Our Connections Portfolio

As an IDNO (Energy Assets Networks), we are able to adopt any network from low voltage to 132kV across the UK distribution network. We possess a highly qualified team of engineers who strive to add value and develop tailor-made solutions.

Our status as an IGT (Energy Assets Pipelines) means we are able to adopt any gas network operating up to 7 bar across the UK distribution network. We are also an Ofgem-accredited Meter Asset Manager, authorised to supply SMETS2 smart gas meters to UIPs and to own, operate and manage them as assets.

We also deploy premium fibre networks to new build residential developments, enabling households to access ultra high speed broadband connectivity.

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