Residential Home Owners

Residential Home Owners

Residential Connections

We provide utility connections for any new residential development, offering a service tailored to the needs of each project.

Residential Connections

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We own and manage many thousands of domestic connections across Britain.

We provide an independent utility network from a point of connection agreed with the incumbent Gas Transporter and Distribution Network Operator.

In addition to highly competitive asset valuations for large scale developments, we also provide the technical, legal and administrative knowledge and know-how to accelerate adoption plans.

For example, our state-of-the-art Milestone: Legal Progress Tacker service uses cutting edge technology to transform project administration and customer service. The portal enables our clients to determine the current status of each of their projects, at a glance, at any time.

Single Property Connections
If you have a new property that requires connection to an existing EAN network please contact us with the details of the property, connection voltage and maximum gas demand required. We will determine whether the network can accommodate your requirements and advise you on the next steps. Please be aware we can only provide a connection if the local electricity infrastructure is operated by EAN.

Priority Service Register

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As a network operator, we also provide a Priority Service Register to ensure that vulnerable households particularly reliant on energy services are safeguarded.

While disruption to electricity and gas supply is very rare, we will ensure that anyone registered with the service is informed in advance of any planned interruptions and is proactively contacted during an unexpected outage.

Visit our Priority Service Register page for more information.

Our Connections Portfolio

As an IDNO (Energy Assets Networks), we are able to adopt any network from low voltage to 132kV across the UK distribution network. We possess a highly qualified team of engineers who strive to add value and develop tailor-made solutions.

Our status as an IGT (Energy Assets Pipelines) means we are able to adopt any gas network operating up to 7-bar across the UK distribution network. We are also an Ofgem-accredited Meter Asset Manager, authorised to supply SMETS2 smart gas meters to UIPs and to own, operate and manage them as assets.

We also deploy premium fibre networks to new build residential developments, enabling households to access ultra high speed broadband connectivity.

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