Energy Assets Networks Attends Customer Engagement Event

Energy Assets Networks Attends Customer Engagement Event

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) run a series of customer engagement events throughout the year, and Jayson Whitaker (Managing Director) and Eugene Darmody (Business Development Manager) of Energy Assets Networks were in attendance at the latest event.

The events are aimed at Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) and Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) who will be, or currently are, working on the SSEN network and make them aware of changes within SSEN.

The event, held in Reading on Thursday 19th September, provided an excellent opportunity to gain an appreciation on current updates from SSEN on a range of topics including the Geographic Information System (GIS) Demo, G81 Policy, Part Funded Reinforcement Trial and Self Determination of PoC (Point of Connection). This was followed by the CiC (Competition in Connections) Forum which gave an opportunity for ICPs and IDNOs to raise any issues they may have. This led to an interesting discussion relating to many of the issues that ICPs experience.

As SSEN are the Distrit Network Operator (DNO) for Southern England and Northern Scotland and Energy Assets Networks has a strong relationship with the ICPs who work on SSEN’s networks, the event gave Energy Assets Networks an opportunity to network and meet the ICPs that operate on the SSEN network area.

The event not only provided a great opportunity for learning and keeping up to date with the industry, but also provided the chance to meet existing customers of Energy Assets Networks, as well as build relationships with new customers.

This is just another example of how Energy Assets Networks is proactive within the industry to grow their expertise and share knowledge and experience.

To find out more how Energy Assets Networks can help you and why they are the First Name for the Final Mile visit their website.

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