Jayson Whitaker

Jayson Whitaker

Managing Director, Energy Assets Networks, Pipelines & Fibre

Jayson has a background in the DNO electricity industry spanning over 35 years. He is a recognised figure in the utilities sector and a “hands on” operator.

Jayson first got involved in Competition in Connections (CiC) work in 1999/2000 with the setting up of an IGT (Independent Gas Transporter.)

Jayson currently sits on many different panels with GT’s, DNOs, IDNOs, IGTs and customer groups, and attends competition workshops and forums the length of Britain to ensure Energy Assets Networks, Pipelines and Fibre Networks is in the best place to serve connections contractors and their asset adoption options.

He has been actively involved in growing competitive connections arenas in all aspects of CiC (gas, electric and fibre).

Jayson has also worked in the supply chain and set up a company with a dedicated focus on ICP and IDNO’s to support the competitive connections.

With a demonstrable track record of delivering organic growth, he has multi stakeholder relationships with many companies and individuals within the competitive IGT and IDNO industries.

Jayson is always ready for a challenge, balanced with an intimate knowledge of factors affecting network build and design. Jayson’s approach is to develop cost effective assets whilst embracing technological advances possible to minimise operational costs in the longer term.

How to contact Jayson:
Email: JaysonWhitaker@energyassets.co.uk
Mobile: 07860 823285
Connect on LinkedIn here

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