Donna Townsend

Donna Townsend

Head of Regulations (Networks and Pipelines)

Donna has a background in the Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) sector spanning 18 years – predominantly in the industry regulations and compliance arena. 

Donna first got involved in the sector when she managed the accreditation and market entry process for the first licenced IDNO and has since ensured continued compliance within a fast-changing industry by managing the development of the underlying systems and processes required to support obligations under licence and code.

Having gained expertise through the accreditation process and developed an in-depth understanding of the underlying processes, Donna was invited to be the first IDNO Chair of the DCUSA Panel and the IDNO representative for both the MRA’s Issues Resolution Expert Group (IREG) and the MRA Development Board (MDB).  She is a member of the Independent Networks Association (INA) regulatory committees and has been a valued member of various industry code change working groups over the years e.g. DCUSA, Balance and Settlement Code etc.  

Donna is currently managing Energy Assets regulatory compliance in an ever-evolving market place e.g. the Faster Switching Programme, Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement, Targeted Charging Review and Access and Significant Code Reviews.  She is supported by a team who are equally experienced in other utility sectors, particularly the Independent Gas Transporter market.

The pace of regulatory change in the energy market is quickening in step with central government’s ambitions to deliver lower carbon energy.  Donna is looking forward to the challenge of navigating the industry regulatory framework across all utilities, capturing and carrying out impact assessments on code modifications and monitoring the various workstreams to ensure the independent sector is well represented.  

How to contact Donna:
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