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Services for Home Owners

For a list of frequently asked questions please see our FAQs section.

When you enter into a contract with your energy supplier, electricity is delivered to you via electrical infrastructure, parts of which may be owned and operated by EA Networks. With the introduction of smart meters, it will soon be possible to switch suppliers within a day. For more information see the official Ofgem publication. For independent advice on how to obtain a supplier visit the Ofgem website.

Single Property Connection

If you have a new property that requires connection to an existing EA Networks network then please contact us with the details of the property, connection voltage and the maximum demand required. EA Networks will determine if the network can accommodate your requirements and will advise you on the next steps. Please be aware we can only provide a connection if the local electricity infrastructure is operated by EA Networks.


Do we own and operate your local electricity network?

You can find out if we own the network your home is connected to by looking at the back of your  electricity bill, contacting your electricity supplier or if you have just moved in and don’t have either of those, by asking a neighbour.

What to do if you don't have power 

Please scroll down to our emergency section below. 

Need some extra help?

You can join our Priority Services Register. To find out more click here.

Staying safe on your doorstep

Before you let anyone into your home you need to know they are who they say they are.

When one of our engineers arrives at your door they will always show you their identification card, you should check that the photo on the card is the same as the person on your doorstep.

We will do our best to tell you in advance that someone is coming to visit, but that's not always possible – power cuts and other critical work may lead them to your door unannounced. However, our engineers do not head off to work without their identification card, so they will always show it to you.  If you want to check that this is not a bogus caller, please feel free to give us a call on 01506 405405.

Our engineers will not be offended if you close the door and call to us to check they are who they claim to be. They are happy to wait on the doorstep until you are happy to let them in. 

If you arrange an appointment with us through your gas supplier, passwords registered against your Priority Services Register (PSR) information will be shared with us, so that our engineers can use this.

You do not need to be registered on the PSR to provide a password directly with us if you like to feel more secure, we can, free of charge, agree a password with you when we make an appointment for our engineers to visit so you can be confident to let them in.


house construction


If you have an existing connection on the EA Networks network and require a service to be repositioned, or an upgrade to the existing supply, then please contact EA Networks with

  • Your property address
  • The Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) - which can be found on your electricity bill
  • Details of the requested alterations

We will then contact you and advise on your next course of action.


EA Networks operates and maintains electricity networks; we do not install them. Contractors accredited to the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) operated by Lloyds Register on behalf of the UK Distribution Network Operators can be found on the Lloyds Register site.

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