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As an IDNO we have the ability to procure new electricity distribution assets through an “Asset Value” payment. The level of contribution is based on the projected future revenue generated by the network, not the cost of installation.

If you are responsible for the procurement of a new electricity distribution network we would be happy to provide you with an asset value proposal.

If you are an ICP and you are interested in EA Networks adopting your newly constructed assets you will need to sign our Asset Adoption Agreement.

Obtaining a Quote

To request your FREE competitive Asset Value quotation, please complete our Asset Value Request Form below. Once we receive your request we will aim to provide a quotation within 3–5 working days. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Asset value proposal form

Asset Plans

If you’re planning to work near to EA Networks’ assets, you can access details through a free-to-use, internet-based search enquiry system.

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G81 Design Specification Library

Our design specification (G81) library contains technical information to help you with your works. If you have a general query about our standards, specifications and procedures please email us at

G81 Part 1 Design and Planning (New Low Voltage Housing Developments)
G81 Part 2 Materials Specification (New Low Voltage Housing Developments)
G81 Part 3 & 6 Installation and Records (New Housing, Industrial, Commercial Developments)
G81 Part 4 Design and Planning (New Industrial and Commercial Developments)
G81 Part 5 Materials Specification (New Industrial and Commercial Developments) – Design Specification Library



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