Gas Networks

Gas Networks

Our Gas Network Solution

The UK gas market, regulated by Ofgem, is split into several phases: Production, Transmission, Distribution and Supply. The Distribution system connects the transmission system to the consumers within a region.

As an IGT, Energy Assets Pipelines is authorised to own the ‘last mile’ of gas infrastructure within a new development. We are then responsible for the operation, maintenance, control, security and integrity of the network.

The EA Pipelines Advantage

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Typically, all new property developments require a new gas distribution network installed by a qualified Utility Infrastructure Provider (UIP) accredited to the Lloyds Register Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS).

As an Ofgem regulated Independent Gas Transporter (IGT), EA Pipelines adopts new gas distribution assets constructed by UIPs after agreeing the value of the assets. We can provide an independent utility network from a point of connection agreed with the incumbent Gas Transporter (GT).

We are key players in enabling housebuilders to meet post-2025 provisions linked to the Future Homes Standard for new residential development.

For further technical information, view our Developers Guide.

Legal Expertise

Legals Made Easy Guide

Everything connects with our asset adoption service as we provide a single point of contact for legal requirements relating to land rights.

  • In-house legal and utility networks teams
  • All legalities are managed “in-house” by our experienced legal team
  • Timely identification of legal issues
  • Speedy and accurate communication
  • Assistance with permissions
  • Control of time-scales and deadlines
  • Assistance with managing the project
  • Co-ordination of energy supplier requirements

The result of this support is reduced downtime, lower costs and expedited delivery to meet the promised asset value.

We’re also a MAM

EA Pipelines is also an Ofgem-accredited Meter Asset Manager, opening up the potential for more efficient gas meter installations on new build residential developments.

This means we are authorised to own gas meter assets and supply them to housebuilders and contractors – offering Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIPs) greater flexibility and control over the scheduling of meter connections in the final stages of gas network construction.

“This arrangement will shorten supply chains for UIPs, enabling them to schedule smart gas meter installations seamlessly within the construction process,” said Andrew Collin, EAP’s Network Manager. “This will improve overall efficiency and help quicken project delivery times, which will benefit both UIPs and developers.”

EA Pipelines achieved accreditation following a rigorous Meter Asset Manager Code of Practice (MAMCoP) audit. It means that we are accredited to supply SMETS2 smart gas meters to UIPs. We can also own, operate and manage them as assets alongside our ownership and operation of ‘final mile’ gas networks.

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