Fibre Networks

Fibre Networks

Our Gigabit Fibre Solution

Fibre-to-the-home is the fourth utility, often ranking alongside electricity, gas and water for importance among households.

The asset adoption package developed by our specialist business – EA Fibre – enables residents to ‘go digital’ from the moment they step through the door of their new home.

The EA Fibre Advantage

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We are all increasingly connected, whether at home or at work. For business or pleasure. At EA Fibre, we work with housebuilders and ICPs to ensure that fibre services are pre-installed and ready for use – just tap and go.

Our deep partnership with Grain Connect provides a 1,000MB fibre broadband solution. We manage connections so households don’t need to. No more unnecessary delays to powering digital devices.

We offer an asset ownership model that comprises:

  • Ownership of infrastructure, ducts, fibre and Point of Presence (“POP”) installation
  • Acquisition of a suitable fibre backhaul connection
  • Design of the fibre network
  • Operation and maintenance of the fibre infrastructure on a long-term lease basis
  • Management of interface for maintenance

Every aspect of our work is underpinned by industry-approved design, with dedicated business development managers supporting our developer and contractor partners every step of the way. At EA Fibre, we’re read to be the boost behind your next fibre-to-the-home project.

Project DINO

We are involved in a pilot project that aims to show how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to prevent local power network overload. This is critical given the projected rapid rise in demand for electricity.

Project DINO (Domestic Infrastructure and Network Optimisation) is a partnership between Evergreen Smart Power, EA Networks and Myenergi. It aims to demonstrate in a newbuild residential setting how AI can safeguard network integrity through two-way communication with household appliances. It is the first project of its type in the UK.

“There is growing realisation that local power networks may not be able to cope with the huge increase in demand for electricity as we transition to electric vehicles, battery storage/charging and air source heat pumps alongside traditional household appliances,” says Jayson Whitaker, Managing Director of Energy Assets Networks.

“The DINO project aims to demonstrate how a network-to-device AI interface can manage loads dynamically by enabling appliances to automatically dial down consumption at peak times to relieve network stress and safeguard power to homes. Without such a solution, the country would need to invest in a hugely costly network reinforcement programme to increase capacity.”

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