Electricity Networks

Electricity Networks

Our Electricity Network Solution

As an Ofgem regulated Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) we are responsible for the operation, maintenance, control, security and integrity of electricity networks.

Our status as an IDNO means we are able to adopt any network from 132kV to LV across the UK distribution network.

The EA Networks Advantage

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Typically, all new property developments require a new electricity distribution network. These are installed by a qualified Independent Connection Providers (ICP) accredited to the Lloyds Register National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS).

EA Networks partners with housebuilders, ICPS and industrial and commercial developers to adopt new electricity distribution assets. We can provide an independent utility network from a point of connection agreed with the incumbent Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

As such, we are playing a fundamental role in enabling the transition to a low carbon economy.

We are doing this by adopting key infrastructure assets, such as EV charging networks, while ensuring that local networks are ready to meet the demands placed upon them by greater demand.

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Legal Expertise

Everything connects with our asset adoption service as we provide a single point of contact for legal requirements relating to land rights.

  • In-house legal and utility networks teams
  • All legalities are managed “in-house” by our experienced legal team
  • Timely identification of legal issues
  • Speedy and accurate communication
  • Assistance with permissions
  • Control of time-scales and deadlines
  • Assistance with managing the project
  • Co-ordination of energy supplier requirements

The result of this support if reduced downtime, lower costs and expedited delivery to meet the promised asset value.

Focused on Net Zero

MFG, the market leading independent forecourt operator, has appointed EA Networks as an infrastructure partner to support the rollout of its nationwide ultra-fast EV charging network.

The company has announced a £400 million investment that will see 3,000 ultra-rapid 150kW and 350kW EV charge points installed at 500 sites across the UK by 2030. The programme underpins MFG’s dual fuel strategy to enable a transition from fossil fuels to electric vehicles to help decarbonise the economy.

EA Networks will be working alongside MFG to provide both technical expertise to energise hubs and asset values linked to infrastructure adoption.

Ed Chadwick, Director, EV & Strategic Projects at MFG commented: “We are at the beginning of an incredibly exciting journey for MFG – and for the country – and EA Networks will play an important commercial and technical role as we kick-start the massive upscaling of our EV charging network.”

Currently, ultra-rapid 150kW chargers can provide around 100 miles of range in approximately 10 minutes but as car battery technology develops, MFG will be increasing charging speeds to 350kW. This will result in recharging times comparable to petrol and diesel refuelling.

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