Our gas pressure monitoring technology allows us to check in real time that our pressure reduction installations are functioning correctly. A warning notification is provided to EA Pipelines should the primary stream stop working and switch to the backup stream. A suitably qualified engineer then attends site to check for and correct any faults.

Safety Innovation

Above ground PRIs (gas governors) are used wherever possible.

It is our preference that all PRI housings should be walk in, purpose built housings, or standard GRP housings consisting of double doors complete with a 3-point locking system. Where a GC type kiosk is proposed to be used, the agreement of EA Pipelines needs to be obtained, supported by a suitable, detailed site-specific risk assessment.

The location of the PRI needs to be agreed with us and clearly shown on plans, together with the specific details of the proposals for vehicular access and off-road parking, accessibility for future maintenance, and proximity of dwellings and other structures.

Developers should carefully consider the likelihood of vehicular damage when choosing a PRI location and additional protective measures may be required e.g bollards, barriers, etc. Unrestricted 24-hour 365-day vehicle and pedestrian access is required to all the PRI’s.

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