Launching the INA – Independent Networks Association

Launching the INA – Independent Networks Association

Energy Assets Networks (EAN) and Energy Assets Pipelines (EAP) are proud to be part of INA – the Independent Networks Association which is the collaboration of the previous AIGT (Association of Independent Gas Transporters) and CNA (Competitive Networks Association).

The INA represents the future of local connections and networks leading to stronger, faster and greener operations, and EAN and EAP are actively involved in this innovative step change in the networks industry.

The AIGT and the CNA were formed to protect and promote the interests of Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) and Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) respectively. Whilst the two organisations were separate entities, a large number of the members of AIGT and CNA were involved in both groups.

Therefore, at the beginning of 2020, the AIGT and CNA organisations were merged to form the INA, allowing for innovation, reliability and speed and providing a louder voice for the industry.

By representing the interests of the UK’s independent owners and operators of multi-utility infrastructure, the INA forms an influential joint voice as ‘one association’ powered by a shared industry resource.

IGT’s and IDNO’s make up the membership of the INA. Independent providers offer choice, convenience and competition with a range of solutions bespoke to the customer. They act as an important link of the utility chain from generator to end-user. This also means that developers have a choice of a ‘one-stop shop’ for all utility connections within the INA.

Energy Assets Pipelines and Energy Assets Networks are two of the UK’s fastest growing multi-utility ‘final mile’ network services with an innovative track record.

Working closely with house builders, developers, UIPs and ICPs to deliver electricity and gas networks to new residential developments and I&C projects. We provide value through competitive utility asset valuations (AV) rebates to offset network construction costs, include free in-house legal asset adoption service and flexible creative solutions to accelerate network design, approvals and installations.

As an IDNO we are able to adopt any electricity network from LV to 132kV, and as an IGT we are able to adopt any gas network operating up to 7 bar. As part our extended multi utility offer Energy Assets Fibre also provide 1Gb fibre-to-the-home.

The INA allows independent providers to step away from the traditional utility associations and help them go beyond the limits of the traditional regional network monopolies.

Without the INA the traditional status quo within the networks industry would continue. The competition offered by the INA providers defines a customer-centric approach to safeguard customer’s future interests. It also ensures that customers have the choice of who provides their physical connections and how they are connected at the heart of their decision making and that their demands are met.

All of this combines to provide the industry with a more time efficient and cost effective way of working together. On top of this growth is enabled by ensuring that utilities are in the right location, at the right time and at the right cost.

The INA presents a vital step change for the networks industry, providing an innovative and dynamic future agenda setting approach to ensure speed to connection; innovation and flexibility.

To find out more about the benefits of the INA, visit their website



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