Power Cut?

Power Cut?

As an Ofgem regulated Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) we are responsible for the operation, maintenance, control, security and integrity of electricity networks. Call 105 or 0333 800 2016 if you are experiencing a power failure.


Important Numbers

Live Power Cut Map

EA Networks aim to provide a safe and reliable electricity supply. Unfortunately faults can occur which cause interruptions to your electricity supply.

If you need to report the loss of electricity supply or have any concern about the safety of a meter or underground electricity cables, please phone 0333 800 2016 at any time, day or night.

If you experience a power cut, you can also call the national response number on 105.

Power Cut Checks

If you lose supply, check whether your neighbours have also lost their supply.

If your neighbours DON’T have power

  1.  Call the emergency line.

If your neighbours DO have power:

  1. Check your trip switch. If the trip switch is still on call the emergency number.
  2. If the trip switch is off, switch it back on.
  3. If it switches back off, one of your appliances may be faulty so unplug all appliances and then reset the trip switch.
  4. If only part of your supply has failed and the trip won’t reset there may be a fault with your internal wiring. Please contact a registered electrician.
  5. Check your electricity meter. Is the dial/display working? If not call the emergency number: 0333 800 2016









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