Legal Information

Legal Information

Utility Networks Asset Adoption

Our in-house legal team help streamline the asset adoption process for our customers, expediting every stage to avoid downtime, reduce costs and accelerate project timelines whenever possible.

How Can We Help You?

Everything Connects with our asset adoption service as we provide a single point of contact for legal requirements relating to land rights.

  • In-house legal and utility networks teams
  • All legalities are managed “in-house” by our experienced legal team
  • Timely identification of legal issues
  • Speedy and accurate communication
  • Assistance with permissions
  • Control of time-scales and deadlines
  • Assistance with managing the project
  • Co-ordination of energy supplier requirements

Outcome – Reduced downtime, costs and expedited delivery to meet the promised asset value.

No Legal Fees*

We will not charge any legal fees, with the exception of any third party landowner costs which will be notified as soon as the title has been investigated and approval of the service route has been obtained.

Any third party landowner costs would be paid by the customer by way of additional charges.

External Solicitor’s legal fees can often be expensive. By providing an in-house service we pass those savings onto our customers.

* If it is necessary to enter Third Party Land, any legal costs incurred would be paid by the customer by way of additional charges

How do I get updates on progress?

Our Legal Department will keep you updated on progress upon request.

To find out more about our Legal Services please contact us below:

Energy Assets Networks Ltd
Legal Department
12 Sketty Close
Brackmills Industrial Estate, Northampton

T: 0333 666 2008

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