Why us

Why us

Whether it’s an electricity, gas or fibre network, we deliver a final mile service that adds value every step of the way.

Aside from our competitive asset values, we have the in-house technical, legal and administrative expertise to be true partners to contractors, housebuilders and industrial and commercial developers.

Our Offer

Our electricity, gas and digital fibre networks will be contributors to Britain’s drive to a lower carbon future. Our expertise and innovation, including the application of artificial intelligence, will help create the networks of the future, balancing supply with demand as electrification accelerates.

We are Britain’s most innovative local network ownership business, providing a competitive asset value funding model through our status as an approved IGT and IDNO

✔ In-house Resources
Expert technical, legal and commercial support enabling efficient asset realisation, utilising digital systems that advance customer requirements every step of the way.

✔ Flexible Adoption
We consider every adoption case on its merits. Our flexible approach extends from residential housing developments and industrial and commercial schemes to ultra-fast fibre installations and low carbon assets such as EV charging infrastructure.

✔ Multi-utility
We offer a unified pathway to gas, electricity, and fibre network adoption, going the extra mile to deliver creative solutions to project challenges.

✔ Innovation
A proven partner for new network design, delivery and commissioning, including the application of market leading artificial intelligence systems to balance local grid supply with demand.

✔ Low Carbon
Enablers for Net Zero through a renewables asset focus, notably by playing a key asset funding role in the roll-out of Britain’s electric vehicle charging network.

Project DINO

We are involved in a pilot project that aims to show how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to prevent local power network overload. This is critical given the projected rapid rise in demand for electricity.

Project DINO (Domestic Infrastructure and Network Optimisation) is a partnership between Evergreen Smart Power, Energy Assets Networks and Myenergi. It aims to demonstrate in a newbuild residential setting how AI can safeguard network integrity through two-way communication with household appliances. It is the first project of its type in the UK.

“There is growing realisation that local power networks may not be able to cope with the huge increase in demand for electricity as we transition to electric vehicles, battery storage/charging and air source heat pumps alongside traditional household appliances,” says Jayson Whitaker, Managing Director of Energy Assets Networks.

“The DINO project aims to demonstrate how a network-to-device AI interface can manage loads dynamically by enabling appliances to automatically dial down consumption at peak times to relieve network stress and safeguard power to homes. Without such a solution, the country would need to invest in a hugely costly network reinforcement programme to increase capacity.”

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